MapTools Basic – Align Text

Text Tools (cont.)

Move and Realign text labels as fast as you can think!
Watch it Work

Align Text (ATXT) is a semi-automatic tool that helps you perfectly position and rotate labels the first time, with only two picks. Your choices for alignment (left/center/right) and justification (above/on/below) are automatically sensed by when you pick a label (by sensing your pick location). If you know what you want, this tool can dramatically improve your speed and the quality of your finished product.


Could you fix these labels in 30 seconds?

With ATXT you can.

Two Picks with an Eye

Our Align Text tool was built with idea that an experienced mapmaker can quickly determine where a label needs to be placed and which piece of linework it should be aligned to. To align a text label to a piece of linework, a minimum of two picks are required: one to pick the text label and a second to pick the linework it is to be aligned with. ATXT was designed to automatically “sense” the desired Alignment and Justification as a part of the text selection process so you can move, and rotate any text label to be perfectly aligned to any piece of linework with only 2 picks.

ATXT offers Four operating modes


Move and Align – Moves and realigns the selected text label

Copy and Align – Copies the selected text label and then aligns the copy

Draw and Align – Type in a new text label and then align it.

Split and Align – Breaks a multi-word text label into 2 or more pieces and aligns each piece

Text Offset – Each label is offset (above or below) the linework by a set % of the text height.

Automatic Linework Trimming – Trim all linework under a label and either erase or change the trimmed linework to use a different layer.