Drone Services – Our Equipment

Drones: We fly a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and two Phantom 4’s.

Drone Cameras: All three DJI drones are equiped with a 12MP visible light camera (4000 x 3000). These camera are used to capture all of our drone photography, videography and for 360° Panoramic Photos.

Specialty Cameras:

NDVI – We fly a MAPIR brand Near Infrared comera. It has a 16MP camera (4608 x 3456) and sees both Near Infrared 850nm and Red 660nm light. We use this camera mounted to the bottom of one of our Phantom 4 drones to collect both Visible Light (the Drone Camera) and NDVI photography (the MAPIR camera) during the same flight.

360° Panoramic Video – We fly a Samsumg Gear 360 camera system which has two 15MP cameras. The front and rear lenses capture 180° horizontally and vertically, creating a seamless and complete 360° field of view. Videos and photos are high reslution – 3840×1920 video and 25.9MP photos. This camera is flown on a custom mount beneath our Phantom 3 Pro so conventional photography can be captured at the same time as the 360° video.

Ground Control

We own and use a Trimble Pathfinder Pro XRS system (sub-meter) to collect GPS coordinates for ground control targets when flying projects that don’t require ultra-high precision. For Land Development projects we engage Professional Surveyors to get “Centimeter grade” ground control coordinates.

We employ traditional survey components (hubs, tacks, Mag nails & flags) for repeated flight applications – mostly Ag Scouting, so GPS control need only be captured once per flight area.