TCI offers free technical support for all of our products. We strive to address every support request promptly. If a problem persists or becomes complex, we will arrange to call you.

Technical Support

To request technical support, fill out the Technical Support Request Form.

Activation Codes

We use the SoftwareKey software licensing system for all of our products. In order to activate your installation, you need to perform these steps:

  1. Download and execute the installer.
  2. Configure your CAD installation and load the Menu (details in install.txt)
  3. Pick the Load Button in the MapTools pulldown menu.
  4. You will see 2 Reference Codes – Copy and Paste them in the Request Form below.
  5. When you get your Activation Codes, Pick the MapTools Load button and enter them to complete the activation process.
Requesting Activation Codes

To receive your Activation Codes – Complete this form Request Activation Codes