MapTools Automation

One of our tools that you won’t find anywhere else!

Henry Ford figured it out 100 years ago.

And it’s still true today. If you can get a machine to do a job, quality goes up and cost goes down. The same is true of redundant AutoCAD editing tasks.

MT-Automation is included in our Automated Mapping Toolkit – MapTools Pro and our Automated 3D Corridor Mapping Toolkit – CoriMap.

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MT-Automation is a toolkit dedicated to automation of AutoCAD editing tasks. It includes our most mature application; Parametric Editing Tools (PET) which was first released 25 years ago and has been continuously updated. PET is an automation powerhouse configured as three special purpose Search and Replace engines. MT-Automation also includes MapTools Commander  which extends the automated editing capability of PET by managing the creation and execution of complex automated editing operations that can run in the current drawing with a single pick, or applied unattended to groups of drawings in Batch.

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Use PET to instantly make complex changes to your drawing by filling out a simple Search & Replace menu. Use MapTools Commander to create Instruction Sets that carry out groups of operations that include PET and any of 15 other TCI automated mapping tools.

From a review by Alan D. Smith in Civil Engineering News
“Editing is often the most time consuming operation performed with AutoCAD. Fortunately, PET offers the operator a fast, easy way to perform an almost unlimited variety of edits automatically.”…. “The program can work wonders and save lots of time and money.”

MapTools Commander encourages the use of automated operations by making their design and execution fast and easy!

The productivity and uniformity benefits of automated editing can be in the hands of every operator.· Automated editing is the most cost effective method possible. Why pay for jobs that can be performed automatically during off hours?· Automated editing is a guarantee of consistent quality. Ensure that edits are always performed meticulously.· Automated editing is a cost effective way to enforce drawing standards. This QC tool can work while you sleep

Parametric Editing Tools (PET)

PET is an automated “Search and Replace Engine” for AutoCAD. A simple menu based interface allows AutoCAD operators to search for AutoCAD entities based on any combination of properties. The PET search engine allows millions of possible combinations, providing a precision selection set builder for other automated operations.