MapTools Commander

Automation Changes Everything!

MapTools Commander is essentially an Automated Autolisp Generator. You can create automated operations that perform hundreds of drawing changes and best of all, you don’t need any programming knowledge.

Watch what Automation can do for you
  • Automated editing is the most cost effective method possible. Why pay for jobs that can be performed automatically during off hours?
  • Automated editing is a guarantee of consistent quality. Ensure that edits are always performed meticulously.
  • Automated editing is a cost effective way to enforce drawing standards.This QC tool can work while you sleep.
Use MapTools Commander to:
  • Build precision automated editing routines that include standard AutoCAD commands, Autolisp statements or any of TCI’s automated processors (sold separately).
  • Simple menu based operations make it quick and easy for any operator to create instant automation routines. No programming knowledge is needed.
  • Instruction sets are automatically saved in a library for instant recall.

Once an automated editing task is defined, a single dialog box pick will run the program to perform the defined tasks.

  • Process a single drawing or groups of Drawings unattended.
  • Unlimited capacity – carry out hundreds of operations on hundreds of drawings with no user interaction.

“Instruction Sets”, the roadmap to automation

To create an automated operation, the user first builds an Instruction Set using the MapTools Commander Menu ,  by choosing and filling out a series of menus (one for each task) in the same order they will be performed.

Each of the 18 TCI automated tools supported by MapTools Commander is represented by a menu that duplicates the command line settings. Choose from 4 PET commands, 12 Linework oriented commands  and 5 other Automated Functions . A freeform AutoCAD Command Window  is also provided for the entry of standard AutoCAD Autolisp expressions.

When you choose an function to add to the selection set, you will be presented with a Parameters Menu  that will include all of the options that tools allows.

The TCI automated functions supported by MapTools Commander are:

  • PET – ASR
  • PET – ESR
  • PET – OSR
  • PET – TSR
  • Clip Linework
  • Clean Linework
  • Close Polylines
  • Curvefit Polylines
  • Interpolate Polylines
  • Join Linework
  • Label Linework
  • NURBS Fit Polylines
  • Scallop Polylines
  • Change Scallop Bulge
  • OD Annotate
  • PolyMake
  • Align Text to Linework
  • Bestfit and Rubbersheeting
  • Block Redefinition
  • Eliminate Duplicate Entities
  • Eliminate Small Entities

Build an automation library

Once a successful automation function is built, MapTools Commander automatically enters it into a library for storage and recall. A single pick from the Library Dialog Box will load and execute the automated routines.

Run a quickie or work all night

Since each automated operation is really an Autolisp program, your automated routines can load other automated routines, effectively providing unlimited size. Your automated solutions can range from a quick one or two function operation that you run every day to a massive overhaul that takes all night. The automation routines can be run on the current drawing with a single pick from the MapTools Commander automation library or the routine can be applied to groups of drawings for totally unattended operation.

Access and reliability, the keys to automation

For automated editing to really “pay off”, it must be readily available to all operators, it must allow quick operation and above all, it must work without error every time. MapTools Commander has been designed to allow an average operator to create an automated routine in 1 minute or less and to load and execute existing automated routines in less than 5 seconds.

Reliability is designed into every step of the automation process. While Instruction Sets are being built, context sensitive help is displayed for every possible menu entry. All menu entries are subjected to immediate error checking to eliminate illegal entries.

This virtually fool proof authoring system results in the production of automation routines that run the first time, every time. When every operator can apply the automation power of MapTools Commander, redundant editing tasks can be handled quickly and flawlessly.