MT-Symbol includes our extensive collection of mapping symbols PLUS our Symbols Browser and our Linework Symbolizer.

MT-Symbol Symbol Browser
MT-Symbol Symbolize Linework

1400+ Mapping Symbols in AutoCAD DWG format


TCI has been actively involved in the production of AutoCAD maps for over 25 years and during that time we have developed and acquired a great number of mapping symbols. Our mapping symbol library was based on this collection but has been enhanced and increased by the addition of over 1000 standard mapping symbols derived from leading public agencies and associations.

These sources include the US Bureau of Land Management, the US Geological Survey, the US Forest Service and the American Public Works Association.

The Symbol collection is organized into 10 functional libraries and each library includes detailed descriptions for every symbol. Each block has been processed to conform to a specific standard (entities are drawn on layer 0 and are generally sized to be about 1 unit). All drawings are delivered as Release 12 DWG files to allow use by a wide variety of applications including BricsCAD, IntelliCAD, ZWCAD, Microstation, ArcGIS, and every version of AutoCAD LT.

High quality images at any scale

Our mapping symbol collection is made up of 10 libraries totaling over 1400 symbols. Each block has been developed to deliver optimum quality while minimizing files size, in fact the average file size for entire collection is under 5K bytes. Take a look at our BIKE symbol from a distance, then up close, and then real close. The symbols were created with AutoCAD R12 and do not use hatching for solid fills, making them extremely compact and fully compatible with all applications that read a standard R12 DWG file.

The MT-Symbol collection is made up of 10 libraries

  • BLM Symbols – 123 blocks
  • Linework Labeling Symbols – 163 block
  • Miscellaneous Symbols – 53 blocks
  • North Arrows -35 blocks
  • Public Works Symbols – 247 blocks
  • Recreational Symbols – 174 blocks
  • Road Sign Symbols – 165 blocks
  • Scale Bars – 52 blocks
  • USGS Symbols – 400 blocks
  • Vegetation Symbols – 18 blocks

Symbol management

After we developed our collection of blocks it became immediately obvious that a tool was needed to help the user browse the available blocks and then insert them into a drawing. The Symbol Browser was designed for this purpose. One of the most useful aspects of our symbol collection is that each symbol is accompanied by a detailed description. We designed our symbol browser to display slide images of the blocks and detailed descriptions.


Linework Symbolizing See Examples

The Linework Symbolizer is similar in function to it’s more powerful cousin LABLW and it creates exactly the same format of “grouped” linework entities. The major difference is the user interface:

An example of the use of symbolized linework can be shown using a piece of a zoning map for Hillsboro Oregon. The first image shows a portion of the Silicon Forest region and the second shows the same area with a proposed bicycle lane drawn using symbolized linework. Notice how the bike symbol is automatically rotated to avoid upside down symbols. Another special feature of our new symbolizing functions is grouping. We use regular AutoCAD blocks to glue together all of the entities that make up the bike path.

Our linework symbolizer has selectable Symbol Size, Spacing and Cutout Size which allows a wide variety of symblized linework.