White Papers

Preparing AutoCAD drawings for conversion into Arc/Info themes

Mel A. Fisher. P.Eng.
President GeoKinetic Systems

The Lake Oswego Water System Atlas Update Project

Preserving the Value of your Legacy Data

The Navajo County Parcel Basemap Assembly Project

Stretching your Mapping / GIS Budget

Building a Better Pipeline Map: GPS Reinvents the Wheel
Cover Story – Professional Surveyor Magazine – October, 2000
You can read the original article, with graphics in PDF format.

GPS Reinvents the Wheel

Adena Schutzberg
ABS Consulting Group

Taking Advantage of Today’s ‘Smarter’ GIS Data Formats: A Graphic Tour of the New Curvefitter Extension for FME

Direction Magazine
Published May 2007
Written by Adena Schutzberg