CoriMap Solutions

The Automated Digital Walkout – a Municipal Utility example

Automation from  Manual Walkout data – a Telecom ” last mile ” design example.

MapTools Solutions
Automated Editing
  • Creating an intelligent infrastructure map
  • Creating ” tiles” from large maps
  • Solving ” scale change ” problems
  • Enforcing drawing standards
  • Changing drawing standards
  • Local automation – save a few minutes at a time, all day long
  • Global automation – manipulate groups of drawings unattended
Block Manipulation
  • Standardizing utility blocks without losing data or formatting
  • Assembling a master drawing from groups of tiled or overlay drawings
Linework Optimization
Linework Manipulation
  • Join linework fragments using our Line Following algorithm
  • Industrial strength Cleaner solves conventional and unconventional problems
  • Automatically Join, Clean and Curvefit linework from GIS sources
  • Contour labeling
  • Create optimized point sets for DTM use.
Rubber Sheeting
Text Manipulation
  • Automatic text orientation
  • Enforce street naming standards with the push of a button