PolyMorph lets you work with Polylines like never before. PolyMorph is a bundle that includes Curvefit, MT-Automation and all MapTools Basic tools that relate to Polylines:

Watch PolyMorph optimize USGS Contours


Curvefit + Automation + much more

  • Curvefit – Our Intelligent Polyline Optimizer.
  • MT-Automation – Full-on Automation Package.
  • MT-Clip – 2D and 3D linework clipper.
  • MT-Clean – Trim, Extend, Snap or Cluster
  • MT-Join – Automated linework connection
  • PolyTools – No more PEDIT.. next next..
  • PNURBS – NURBS fit Polylines
  • PTERP – Decurve and Restructure Polylines
  • Label/Symbolize – Text, Block or Elevation
  • Scallop – Scallop Polylines

Here’s what one our first PolyMorph customers told us:

“The product has been very beneficial because we’ve been able to reduce the file size of the contour drawings we deal with on a continuing basis. PolyMorph is a quality product which has provided an enhancement to our overall productivity and profitability.”
Tom Suchoski, Hydrologist
Earth Fax Engineering, Inc – Midvale, Utah