Solution – Basemap Assembly

Navajo County Arizona had big plans for a countywide GIS.

Unfortunately the budget to make it happen was not big.

The package we delivered to Navajo County included several copies of our MapTools Pro toolkit, onsite training for 6 people, project consultation and some custom programming to enable database linking. For less than $7,000 Navajo County received exactly what they needed from TCI to enable their current staff to build the new countywide GIS.

TCI has over 25 years of experience building and maintaining AutoCAD based map products and providing AutoCAD < > Arc/Info conversion expertise to municipal and commercial clients. We can effectively interface with your staff and support their efforts with automated tools and services, just as we did for Navajo County

Creating an Accurate Seamless Map from Accurate “Tiled” CAD Maps

An open letter from Jeff Cook – GIS Coordinator for Navajo County Arizona