Testimonial – Brad Lutz

“We use MapTools Professional with AutoCAD to create land basemaps for our AM/FM/GIS system. We are currently doing a heads-down drawing conversion of our county assessment maps, using a large scale digitizer. We use the MapTools editing utilities right from the start to help speed the drawing process. After the maps are digitized we use MapTools Adjust to rubber sheet and fit each assessment map within a specific control grid. We then use the editing tools again to create intersections, maintain proper layers and edit lines.”

“The automation feature of MT-Clean is very valuable to use. It saves a tremendous amount of time during digitizing. We don’t have to check every single line for proper placement. MT-Clean allows us to be concerned with getting lines in generally the right place at the time of digitizing, then we let MT-Clean adjust the ends of the lines to their perfect positions.”

“The Adjust package was the main reason we originally purchased MapTools. There are always errors in our source maps, and the best way to deal with that error is to distribute it across the map. With Adjust we can distribute the total error more evenly across the map and reduce the error at any given point.. After using Adjust for a while, and being completely satisfied, we started using the other MapTools features. We are at a point now where we simply don’t create or edit any drawing without MapTools. MapTools is an absolute requirement in our office.”

“In another instance, we needed help on our mapping project so we borrowed a drafter from the production drafting department. He used MapTools for a few weeks while he worked with us and when he went back to his normal drafting function, found that he couldn’t do his job without MapTools. None of the other programs on his system, including AutoCAD, had the features he had come to depend on with MapTools.”
“Even when we finish the current mapping project that we originally purchased MapTools for, we will continue to use MapTools in preparing our normal orthographic designs and electrical schematic drawings. The editing tools are invaluable in those applications. Even though MapTools is designed for mapping, we have found it to be essential in all of our normal drafting and editing functions.”

“I would recommend it to anyone.”

Brad Lutz
AM/FM/GIS Coordinator
St. Josephs Light and Power Municipal Government Agency