Testimonial – Gem Trek

“We bought our first product from TCI – Curvefit – in 1992 when our computers couldn’t handle the file sizes that resulted from the thousands of contour line vertices in our hiking maps. Curvefit solved the problem immediately without degrading the quality of our maps in any way.

Since then, we have continued to use MapTools from Version 1 on up. The quality of the software is consistently exemplary. We have never had any problems with any of the tools – they always do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Over the years, these tools have saved us huge amounts of production time which translates into money saved. More importantly, they have saved both us and our employees thousands of mouse clicks, reducing frustration and helping to prevent repetitive strain injury.

The polyline and “alike” tools, alone, are worth their weight in gold.

We are now in our sixties and continue to use Tom’s products. No matter what questions – technical or otherwise – we’ve had over the years, Tom has always been quick to respond and has always gone the extra mile.

Well done, Tom – thanks for your great products and fast, friendly service for 22 years and counting.”

Roger and Donna Nelson
Gem Trek Publishing Ltd.