Testimonial – Brandt Melick

“We receive all of our planimetric data in AutoCAD format, as 3D Polyline entities. In order to use commands like TRIM and EXTEND, first we must convert the data to 2D Entities. With MapTools this process is simple and intuitive, and the software is easy to automate for production mode. If we tried to do these conversions with AutoCAD alone, we would quickly run out of time and go over budget (man hours) on most projects. MapTools has saved us hundreds of hours on many occasions. I use MapTools daily, and save at least a couple of hours every time. This is one set of tools I do not take for granted. These tools are practical, efficient and really do work well with other products.”

“On one occasion, when a large corporation was interested in a Special Light Industrial (SLI) site, we had 48 hours to produce a highly accurate base map (complete with 2 foot contours, building footprints, curb lines, sidewalks, etc.) covering 2.3 square miles. We had to combine 10 map sheets of planimetric data in AutoCAD format, tax lots and FEMA flood zone information from ARC/Info™ and several design plan drawings from a local engineering firm. We relied heavily on TCI’s tools for this project. We were able to clean up and join the files together, globally modifying properties like PLINE width, entity layer, entity color. We were able to easily search and replace blocks and text. We used MapTools up to the last stage in the project. Without MapTools this work could have easily taken several weeks. “

“Much of the data we use to update our map base comes from outside sources. To be able to effectively use different data and realistically incorporate it into our base update process, we need tools that clean up files (get entities on to the right layers, color BYLAYER, linetype BYLAYER, etc.), join fragmented line segments and then reduce their size (Curvefit optimize all polyline entities). MapTools has been invaluable in this process. Without MapTools , we simply could not use the bulk of digital data received from outside sources. “

“Another thing I really like about MapTools is that it is really easy to customize. I use a lot of different programs inside of AutoCAD, so the ability to create my own custom MapTools pulldown menus and applications is really important. Because of this, I can quickly get in and out of MapTools without affecting the other programs I work with. I also like the ability to run different parts of the program in batch mode and just let it run overnight. “

“MapTools is a great product. It is easy to use, saves me hundreds of hours each month and it has the right tools for the job.”

Brandt Melick,
Information Technology Department Director
City of Springfield Oregon