Testimonial – Don Troxell

“I currently use MapTools Professional with AutoCAD in my preparation of civil engineering drawings for sewer work, earth work and mapping. In any one day I might access MapTools Pro as many as 100 times to do things that our other software simply can’t do. I use MapTools for just about everything including a great deal of editing, such as editing linetypes, polylines editing general mapping features.”

“I use PET, for example, to isolate text and change it. I benefit from the sheer power of MapTools PET, it is unbelievable what you can do. Because of the flexibility of MapTools, you can use it broadly or narrowly. What I mean is that you can specify a single entity or an entire group of entities and then MapTools automatically takes care of the changes. If you want, for example, to change text that is two foot tall, then you can specify just the two foot text and nothing else. If you want to just change something that is red , or a certain size or a specific width, you can do that. You can even identify text that starts with a certain number or letter or use wildcards in specifying what is to be moved or changed.”

“The flexibility and power that MapTools gives you is simply amazing. If you are into civil engineering or mapping and you don’t have MapTools, you are losing money, no question about it. One nice thing about MapTools is its ease of use. The user interface is great and it’s a piece of cake to install and use. If you are a CAD operator, you will pick it up very quickly. The fact is that even though the manuals are very good, you really don’t need them.”

“Generally, MapTools saves us a ton of time. With MapTools we have much greater power and control over what we do and that saves us time and money. Anyone that uses MapTools will never do another drawing without it again, I guarantee it. At any price, MapTools is a great set of utilities.”

Don Troxell,
Civil Engineering Technician
Municipal Government Agency