Testimonial – J.D. Mason

“MapTools is the best buy we’ve made this year. Editing is now fast, fun and consistent. We really appreciate that you have written the package so we can customize our routine operations for batch processing.”

“PET continues to bail us out of design mistakes we never seem to find until we’ve got too much time invested to do it over”

“We use Curvefit for “dampening” random GPS error recorded when we make dynamic measurements of approximate road centerlines. It is far superior to any curve fitting or splining program we have ever seen, in fact your algorithm actually increases the accuracy of these GPS derived polylines by averaging several measurements. Curvefit is the only product we have found that places the vertices correctly, other splining functions induce inaccuracies far beyond acceptable limits and increase the number of vertices.”

“Curvefit consistently reduces vertices by factors nearing one order of magnitude without degrading the accuracy of the measured line. We used Curvefit to process time domain GPS data gathered for a road alignment project. The amount of data reduction and the increased accuracy is amazing. Over 26 megabytes of time domain points were reduced to less than 1 megabyte of spatial defining points with an RMS error of less than one foot over a 5000 square mile, rugged mountain area!”

I have used MapTools Professional now for over a year, I use some part of the package everyday.

There are two things that I really appreciate about the package:

  1. It works on all workstations without fail.
  2. MapTools follows the work pattern of mapping. It is obvious that the software developer understands the way maps are made and the sequence of work that takes place.

“It seems like so many programs are either written by somebody that understands the task and is an amateur programmer or by somebody that is a “whiz-bang” programmer but doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how the user has to go about getting his work done.”

“I can’t really say what part of the package I use most. It’s like a fruit basket: one day I really like pears, the next I’m high on apples. What I do know is that you couldn’t get me to give up MapTools without pulling a gun!

“If you make base maps and convert paper drawings to AutoCAD you really need MapTools. The time MapTools saves in editing and cleanup is so great that the program pays for itself every month!”

J.D Mason, President
Analytical Geography Rapid City, South Dakota