Testimonial – Daniel Shaffer

“My firm originally purchased MapTools to help us accomplish a mass editing job involving a county’s enhanced 911 response map book. In this particular project we were charged to rotate over 15,000 text features or addresses in 140 separate maps so that the text would appear perpendicular to public roadways. These changes would aid the emergency response teams in finding their destination. MapTools saved us at least 50 hours in just that one project. In its first use in our office, MapTools more than paid for itself.”

“We also frequently use the MapTools MT-Join routine when we need to create a seamless map set from numerous individual maps. MapTools allows us to do this easily and cuts our edge matching time dramatically. We found MapTools programs extremely easy to use and the documentation thorough. In our office we have compiled many individual map utilities and could probably create a product with similar capabilities; however, this would not be cost effective. No one product seems as comprehensive as this for the price. I have no hesitation in recommending MapTools to anyone looking for quality mapping utilities.”

Daniel S. Shaffer,
Geographic Systems Specialist
Information Systems Support, Inc.