Solutions – Preserve Legacy Data

Preserving the Value of Your Legacy Data

This solution presentation details the work we did in 2002 for the City of Lake Oswego Water System Atlas Update Project. The project was a big success for the City and they have generously agreed to allow us to share some of the details of that project with you to highlight our strengths and what we consider some of our unique abilities.

We are the world’s leading experts on Rubbersheeting legacy maps to fit new basemaps or Aerial Photos. We invented the leading Rubbersheeting toolkit over 20 years ago and have been perfecting the tools and methods ever since.

It is possible to transform legacy data to fit new purposes and we can do it faster and more efficiently than anyone in the world.

Preserving the Value of Your Legacy Data – a PDF Whitepaper

An open letter from Joel Komarek, P.E.  – City Engineer for the City of Lake Oswego