Unlimited Calibration

Adjust offers Unlimited Calibration

Adjust uses a unique non-projective, non-TIN based algorithm to guarantee a Zero error at every calibration point. Our algorithm is unique among rubber sheeting methods, allowing Unlimited Calibration, meaning you can define any number of calibration coordinate pairs (FROM point & TO point) which can be arranged in any pattern, even so called unstable or conflicting patterns.

Other rubber sheeting methods which use projective or TIN based algorithms require careful selection of calibration pairs. Those methods frequently fail or produce unacceptable results if too many calibration pairs or conflicting (unstable) patterns are used. (see Solution: Rubber Sheeting in “corridor” applications – Unstable Calibration )

Since ADJUST uses a unique non-projective algorithm you are free to define any rubber sheeting pattern that suits the task. The ability to use any number of calibration points and the guarantee of zero error makes ADJUST very useful for Precision Mapping applications.

Here’s what we mean when we say Unlimited Calibration

Adjust can use Any Number of Calibration Pairs (From-To).  We have processed projects with over 62,000 calibration pairs.


Adjust can correctly handle Conflicting and Unstable Calibration


In this example (The City of Ceres California), we used over 62,000 calibration pairs and many area contained conflicting calibration.  Here’s a before and after view.


Here’s the finished product – perfect.