Curvefit – Tangency Search

Tangency Search – a smooth idea

Tangent linework is, or should be, the goal when constructing polylines for many applications like Mapping, GIS and several mechanical applications like CNC tool paths. The production of tangent linework is synonymous with smoothness and Curvefit is the only AutoCAD linework processor to deliver a fully automated tangency search engine.

Curvefit uses a state-of-the-art fuzzy logic processor to guide the conversion, determining the best series of straight and “embedded arc” segments to represent your polyline data. Unlike any other data fitting algorithm (spline fitting, etc.), Curvefit can process polylines with any structure (point-to-point or embedded arc) with guaranteed accuracy. Curvefit automatically balances vertex reduction, absolute fit and angular fit. Our exclusive tangency search engine delivers near perfect linework for a wide variety of applications.

This new data fitting algorithm can dramatically improve the quality of linework with random errors, such as GPS derived polylines, hand digitized linework and linework derived from raster data.