CoriMap – Profiling

Automated Baseline Profiling

Since CoriMap creates an accurate 3D representation of the baseline using a 3D Polyline, a baseline profile can be quickly created without the use of a DTM. Profiles can be created with any user defined Z exageration, grid and label size. Any of the plan view blocks can be included in the profile and the profile can be drawn left-to-right or right-to-left.


Five Profile Modes are available:

Individual mode creates a set of disk files for each drawing and is compatible with the QC Profile tool. These profiles can also be drawn in any drawing.

Project mode will create one set of disk files containing all profiles in a named project. This project profile can be easily drawn using the Draw Profile tool.

Draw at Offset and Draw at Point both generate and draw a profile in the current drawing. Draw at Point is handy for instant review of any baseline.

Draw in Frame

CoriMap includes an automated profile generator that can automatically calculate and format a profile and draw it in a predefined area of a titleblock (even in twisted views). This profile mode can work with any user designed title block by adding a single polyline to define the profile frame

Turn your 3D Plan drawings into Custom Plan and Profile drawings in minutes.

Batch Profiling – Create a system profile or Hundreds of Alignment Sheets – Unattended.  All profile modes except Draw at Point and Draw at Offset can be performed in Batch. This allows unattended processing of a complete corridor made up of any number of drawings. This facilitates the generation of a “whole system” profile or the unattended creation of profiles formatted into Alignment sheets.