CoriMap is a software solution that offers a complete Field to Finish solution for corridor mapping applications. It includes over 50 functions specifically designed to assist in the automated production and maintenance of high quality 2D and 3D corridor map products.

All CoriMap products include MapTools Pro

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CoriMap was born out of an extensive custom development contract with Conoco Pipe Lines in the late 1990’s. This involvement solidified our tools in response to real world use, processing thousands of miles of pipeline drawings. In the succeeding years the tool set has been molded by project application to long haul and last mile fiber optic projects for AT&T, Level 3, MFN and RCN as well as Municipal Utility projects.

Today CoriMap is an automated mapping solution with years of experience in many facets of Corridor Mapping. We have automated solutions for those who collect field data manually and for those who use GPS and want a fast turnaround, totally automated solution – we call this the Automated Digital Walkout

Use all the data collected with Trimble® GPS Systems 

CoriMap uses the 3D output of Trimbles GPS Pathfinder Office™ to create a complete 3D AutoCAD basemap that conforms to any user specified project standard. Each feature collected by the GPS system is faithfully reproduced complete with 3D linework and all attributes.

Automatically repair GPS elevation irregularities

In a perfect world, the 3D Polylines generated by GPS systems would be continuously accurate in XY&Z, but in reality errors can be introduced, especially in the elevation readings. CoriMap™ includes automated tools to easily review and modify the elevation data.

True Distance Stationing

CoriMap is unique among mapping systems because it fully utilizes the 3D field data collected by the GPS system, automatically calculating and recording the Slope Station (True 3D Distance), Offset Distance and Offset Direction for each GPS point feature.

Automated Attribute Arrangement

Quickly rearrange large groups of attributes in Station Order with user specified attribute placement. Many formatting options available, including Offset, Stacked and Indent.

Industrial Strength Profiling

CoriMap can instantly generate a formatted profile of a single baseline or an entire corridor represented by hundreds of drawings. These profiles are generated directly from the 3D Baseline and do not require a DTM. A special Frame mode can create an Alignment Sheet of one or more drawings unattended.

Block and Editing Tools specialized for large projects

Block Redefine will make sure all drawings use the same name blocks with the same definitions. Point Connect will connect the dots. Assemble system drawings with Select & Insert Blocks. Over 15 special block and editing tools.

Automated Sheet Creation and Management Tools

Manage twisted views, automatically place sheet titleblocks along a corridor baseline, cut linework features that cross matchlines and write the individual cut sheets.

Batch Processing for Unattended Operation

Many of the CoriMap functions can be applied unattended to groups of drawings representing an entire corridor. Stations and profile information is automatically tracked between sheets.