CoriMap – Batch Processing

Unattended Batch Processing

Many CoriMap functions have been designed to allow either Command Line or Batch operation. A special Wizard style Batch Setup function is provided to streamline the process of defining batch operations. You can process any number of drawings Unattended.


Batch operations that involve stationing or profiling will automatically keep track of station values between sheets. This allows groups of drawings that represent a continuous corridor to be restationed and reprofiled unattended.

Batch functions are categorized into 5 groups.
Preprocess and Qualification Functions

These functions will always run first and some have the ability to Bypass or Halt operations

  • CHKBLN – check the baseline for continuity
  • FIXPROF – apply elevation modifications defined by QC Profile
  • SIFTALL – erase all entities shorter than 1 unit long
Priority 1 Tasks

These tasks will always run after Preprocess Tasks and before any Priority 2 Tasks.

  • BLKREDEF – Block redefinition
  • GPSXFORM – GPS block redefinitions
  • REZ – modify the Z values of the baseline based on values a disk file.
Priority 2 Tasks

These tasks will always run after Priority 1 Tasks and before any Priority 3 Tasks.

  • ATTARR – Attribute Arrangement
  • STABLKS – Station Blocks
  • STABLINE – Station Baseline
Priority 3 Tasks

These tasks will always run after Priority 2 Tasks.

  • DRAPROF – Draw a profile in the curent drawing
  • XATTS – Extract Attribute Data to formated ASCII disk files
Variable Priority Tasks

These tasks can be assigned to run at any point in the Batch Process

  • CSBLKS – Copy and Scale Blocks
  • PROFBL – Profile Baseline• RUNMTC – Run a MapTools Commander function
  • UNSTA – Remove Station Blocks and corresponding baseline vertices.