CoriMap – Background

CoriMap Background and Testimonial

We have been intimately involved with many diverse corridor mapping projects since 1988. That year we began work on a mapping project for an AT&T  Fiber Optic cable project. Several others followed in the succeeding years which has given us special expertise in corridor applications.

In 1996 we began discussions with Conoco to develop custom corridor mapping tools for their pipeline mapping needs. Over the next 3 years we developed ConoMap™, a complete set of field to finish mapping tools for use by Conoco personnel and Conoco contractors. We then dedicated another year to the development of CoriMap™, our commercial application based on the ConoMap technology but extended to meet the needs of a variety of corridor mapping applications.

Here’s what Conoco said about our tools:

“When Conoco started its digital mapping efforts over 20 years ago we found very few off the shelf tools to help us. Our goal was to create and maintain accurate 3D base maps with 3D slope stationed distances and slope stationed profiles generated directly from the 3D pipeline linework. TCI has worked closely with us for many years implementing and enhancing our design ideas to create exactly the tools we needed. TCI developed the perfect solution for our 3D pipeline mapping needs which we use daily, both in the office and in the field.”

Terry Moore, RLS
Senior Mapping Designer
Conoco, Inc.