MapTools Basic – Cleaning

Automated Linework Cleaning

MT-Clean automates the most time consuming map editing chore – Cleanup. Now you can produce 100% topologically sound data automatically and with assurance.

Watch it Work

Map linework must be flawlessly connected and accurately intersected to be useful in any GIS application. This tedious task is often a long, drawn out trial and error process, frequently requiring translation into the GIS format to discover topology errors during polygon building. Topology errors can be overshoots, undershoots and stray lines.

Automation Ready – MT-Clean can operate from the command line using a Dialog Box interface or as a part of more complex automation operations using MapTools Commander – process a drawing or a groups of drawings unattended.

We offers a suite of cleaning tools designed to help you identify topology errors, automatically correct most of them based on a user set tolerance and correct the remaining errors with a semi-automated tool.


Cleaning Single line and Double line Linework

MT-Clean was built to allow the automated processing of conventional Parcel / ROW  linework and Single Line  linework such as road centerlines with driveways. Parcel / ROW linework is frequently used for GIS basemaps and therefore requires all linework entities to be intersected on Both Ends. The centerline / driveway linework is not intersected at both ends, by definition, so in order to find entities that need correction, we need to inspect them using a different definition. This definition is selectable when you run MT-Clean.


Three Selectable Processors

MT-Clean includes 3 processors which can be used in any combination:

Extend / Trim will look for linework entities within the Tolerance distance at the linework angle. This processor will only Extend or Trim, so linework angles will never be changed.

The Snap processor  will move linework endpoints in any direction to form an intersection. This allows for the correction of error that can’t be fixed by the Extend / Trim processor.

The Cluster processor will always run last and will consolidate multiple linework endpoints that are within the set tolerance.

Identify Bad – this tools will inspect all Linework entities you choose (Arcs, Lines, and Polylines) to determine if they are intersected on one or both ends (depending on your chosen Clean Definition. When finished, all unclean entities can be changed to a chosen color and are included in a specially named selection set for use by our “Clean Fixer”.

Clean Fix – this semi-automated tool presents “unclean” entities by zooming in them and marking them with a graphic symbol that indicates the clean status. Three semi-automated correction actions are allowed for each displayed entity and a Navigator lets you zoom in and out on either end to inspect the problems.