MapTools Basic – PolyTools


Say goodbye to Pedit, next, next, next……..

PolyTools makes editing 2D or 3D Polylines simple and flawless

Check out the New PolyCOGO
  • NEW – PolyCOGO. Draw legal description faster and more accurately
  • Works with 3D Polylines, Regular 2D and LW Polylines
  • Most edits require less than three picks
  • Process individual Polylines or groups of 2D or 3D Polylines
  • Tight integration with AutoCAD eliminates learning curves
  • Works on AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms.
  • Optimized user interface streamlines repetitive operations
  • Ultra-reliable operation in real world environments
  • Handles user coordinate systems and twisted views
  • Supports PolyArc editing
  • Lines and Arcs are automatically converted to Polylines


PolyTools – 20 quick pick tools that will change the way you edit and create Polylines forever.

NEW – Polyline COGO

Our new PolyCOGO functions is absolutely the most efficient process for drawing legal descriptions. All the options you could want are included – draw lines and curves – both Tangential and Non-Tangential. We also include an Undo for those cases where you enter a wrong value – this allows you to draw a complete description in 1 session.

Polyline Connect & Join

PC  & PJ are manual linework builders. They will create a Polyline from two individual entities (Lines, Arcs, 2D & 3D Polylines). A 3D Polyline will be created automatically if either entity is a 3D Polyline or a Line with non-equal elevations. The new polyline will inherit all properties of the first entity picked. PC will not move any endpoints whereas PJ will always move the first endpoint picked to meet the second endpoint picked.

Polyline Connect & Join Group

Polyline Connect Group and Polyline Join Group are semi-automated linework builders. Like PC and PJ, these two functions work with 2D or 3D entities and will automatically build 2D or 3D Polylines. Each function allows you to pick a group of entities and automatically determines the shortest entity buildable from the individual entities. PCON will not move any vertex, whereas PJOIN moves all endpoints (to a point midway to its closest neighbor).

Poly Insert Vertex

Polyline Insert automates the insertion of a new vertex into a 2D or 3D Polyline. The Z value for new 3D vertices is automatically interpolated, unless explicitly set.

Poly Insert Arc Vertex

Polyline Insert Arc works on Lines, Arcs and 2D Polylines. Lines are converted to Arcs, Arcs are reshaped and 2D Polylines can be “arced” between any two vertices. In all cases, you are allowed to interactively drag the shape of the new arc.

Polyline Straighten

Polyline Straighten eliminates vertices between any two points along a Polyline ( 2D or 3D ) with Two Picks.

Polyline Square

Polyline Square will square off corners (similar to fillet) without moving any vertices.

Polyline Reverse

Polyline Reverse displays a graphic arrowhead to indicate the current direction and asks if you want to reverse it. It works with 2D and 3D Polylines, including those with bulge segments.

Polyline Open and Close

Polyline Open and Close set and reset the close flag of selected Polylines. When closing, a user set gap tolerance is checked before closing (which inserts a new segment between the starting and ending vertices).

Automation Ready – Polyline Close was designed to allow unattended operation and is included in the functions available to MapTools Commander .

Polyline Break

Break a 2D or 3D Polyline at the vertex nearest the pick point Polyline Change Width Change the width of individual Polylines or groups. Polyline Dimension Change Converts 2D Polylines to 3D or 3D Polylines to 2D. Works on individual entities or groups. Polyline Make Converts Line and Arcs to 2D or 3D Polylines.