MapTools – Label Linework

A complete linework labeling solution

Label Linework is a full featured solution, allowing total control of the label type, size, placement, rotation of labels and clipping of the underlying linework.

Watch it Work

Automation Ready – Label Linework can operate from the command line using a Dialog Box interface or as a part of more complex automation operations using MapTools Commander  – process a drawing or a groups of drawings unattended.


Linework Labels can be:

Smart Rotation

Our Smart Rotation feature can make sure your text labels are never upside-down. You can choose this option for any of the label types.


Our grouping feature creates a special block to hold all linework pieces and the text or block entities associated with it. This platform independent feature (works the same in all versions of AutoCAD) allows you to change a piece of labeled linework to modify the block, text content, size or label layer.

Linework Cutout

If labels are placed “ON” the linework (directly on top of the linework), a cutout feature can be chosen which will clip all linework in the label area and either erase it or change its layer. This allow labels to be plotted without the underlying linework without erasing it.

Preserve Linework

This option will make a copy of the selected linework and label it instead of the original. The new (copied) linework can use the same layer as the original or it can be placed on a new layer.

Label linework automatically

All of the linework labeling features are accessible from automation routines using MapTools Commander (even the “elevation” mode for automated contour labeling). This capability allows automated linework labeling as a part of more complex “batch” operations.