MapTools – Join

A Fully Automated Linework Connection Engine

A fully automated, intelligent polyline builder with unrivaled flexibility – offering Line Following. Choose from two guidance methods and three join methods. MT-Join gives you the controls to tailor its performance for a wide variety of linework building tasks.

Watch it Work

Automation Ready – MT-Join can operate from the command line using a Dialog Box interface or as a part of more complex automation operations using MapTools Commander – process a drawing or a groups of drawings unattended.


Three Join Methods

The Connect Method will not move any existing linework points, but will insert new segments between them. The Move and Split Methods will move the original endpoints. The Move Method is the fastest, moving only the endpoints, while the Split Method will move both start points and endpoints to a point midway between them.

Two Guidance Methods

MT-Join is unique in that it offers both Distance Guidance and Angular Guidance (Line Following). When joining linework fragments, it is sometimes necessary to allow gaps (Join Tolerance) large enough that several fragments will be considered for joining. In this case, the Distance Guidance Method will connect to the entity that is closest. Sometimes this works just fine, such as those cases where small or no gaps are present. Often we will want to connect those entities that are going the same direction, within a tolerance. This is what Angular Guidance accomplishes and it is controllable in degrees.

Here’s an example of a drawing with large gaps and crossing features  MT-Join was used, with the setting shown above, to intelligently connect the fragments .

Entity Filters

MT-Join works with Arcs, Lines and 2D Polylines to create 2D Polylines. The process can filter entities being considered for joining by any combination of Layer, Color, Linetype or Elevation.